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Speed Detailing - Agricultural Wheels

Speed Detailing can maximise, restore and protect the value of your agricultural machinery, vehicle or farm equipment.

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers a fully mobile, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, on-site professional vehicle detailing service covering exteriors, interiors and undercarriages of all types of agricultural vehicles, machinery and farm equipment - including Farm Machinery & Clearing Sales.

Maximise and maintain your vehicle’s value and appearance with Speed Detailing’s meticulous attention to detail in cleaning, restoring and rejuvenating every surface to the highest potential attainable.

Speed Detailing’s vehicle exterior detailing includes:

Speed Detailing’s agricultural vehicle interior detailing includes:

Achieve The Perfect Result
Every job Speed Detailing carries out is different and requires a unique process and application to achieve the perfect result. If you are considering selling, trading-in, or getting an insurance appraisal for your farm and agricultural machinery, or just need your vehicle detailed thoroughly and professionally, Speed Detailing can add value to your vehicle or machinery.

Agricultural & Farm Machinery

Speed Detailing cleans, restores and rejuvenates all farm machinery from tractors, headers, combines, cotton pickers, spraying rigs, through to chaser & seed bins. Having many years of experience owner, director Lyndon knows the importance of looking after your machinery and the value of immaculate presentation.

When it comes to restoring back to life, enhancing and preserving hard working farm machinery, Speed Detailing’s passion to unwavering attention to detail is second to none.

Farm Machinery Auctions & Clearing Sales
Speed Detailing Pty Ltd has detailed over 900 clearing sales, with machine fleets as large as 60, in Queensland, NSW, South Australia and beyond. Contact us about other locations.

Lyndon started Speed Detailing to provide a unique detailing service to the agricultural, mining and earthmoving sectors - adding asset value when it counts. With a service to restore your valuable asset to look like it has just arrived fresh from the showroom - everything from Tracks, Wings, Wheels and Boats.

Looking Brand New
Speed Detailing attention to detail transforms and restores sun-faded surfaces to the point where you’ll think you’re looking at a brand new piece of machinery fresh off the showroom floor. Whether a regular maintenance detail, or a full restoration ready for sale, Speed Detailing sets such high standards that Lyndon now receives calls to take on jobs for clients throughout Australia.

Lyndon says: “By increasing the value of your asset, we can help make you more money than what you initially thought you’d receive when selling your equipment by providing a service many consider to be an art form.”

Contact Us Today
Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers a fully mobile 24 hours/7 days a week service at your location. The best professional detailing anytime, anywhere. All locations across Queensland, NSW and South Australia serviced. Contact us about other locations.

Speak to Lyndon today on 0457 287 192   (All hours, 24/7)

All Vehicle & Machinery Wheels Detailing

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